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Medical and Heamato Oncology, Gandhidham

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At Sterling Ram Krishna Cancer Hospital, Gandhidham, Department of Medical Oncology has one of the most experienced and qualified teams in the field of Medical Oncology and Hematology.The Medical Oncology team uses systemic treatment including Chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is one of the most important pillars of cancer management and treatment, wherein a doctor uses medicine to kill or inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. Different chemotherapeutic drugs act at a different stage and site of cancerous cells. Most of the time more than one chemo drug is used to kill/ inhibit the growth of cancerous cells using different mechanisms.

Common drugs may also kill healthy cells, hence the right dose and combination is the most important factor while deciding a chemo regimen, and here our experienced team of Medical Oncologist plan and decide the right regimen for you.


  • Medical Oncology team works in close coordination with surgical, radiation and the nuclear medicine team along with consultants
  • Dedicated oncology day care ward and trained paramedic staff to ensure flawless preparation and administration of chemotherapy and management of associated adverse events
  • Experienced Medical Oncologist to manage different form of solid tumours, leukemia and lymphoma
  • Well-equipped advanced ICU/ICCU facility for pain management and palliative care