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Sterling Cancer Hospital, Ahmedabad

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Sterling Cancer Hospital, Ahmedabad is the flagship Cancer Hospital of the Sterling Group, with the most advanced infrastructure and an exceptionally experienced team of medical, surgical, and radiation oncology practitioners.

Sterling Cancer Hospital, Ahmedabad strives to make sure that it is always at the cutting-edge of cancer care, offering a range of therapies that have shown much potential and positive result.

Our dynamic approach to cancer therapy places a strong emphasis on research and the right therapy that is minimally invasive yet holistic.  

Sterling Cancer Hospital, Ahmedabad prides itself on individualized treatment plans and using the patient body’s natural systems to carry out the regulation, defence, and repair to the maximum extent possible.





  • The Department of Radiation Oncology possess India's most advanced radiotherapy machines like TrueBeam™ STx, which offers highest precision for treating the patient by delivering high-end radiotherapy, using advanced techniques like IGRT, IMRT, Rapid Arc and Stereotactic Radiation
  • Our dedicated Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) unit is equipped with a “High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance” (HEPA) filter, which provides extra aseptic environment for the patient during the procedure and minimizes the risk of adverse events and systemic infections.
  • The hospital  is also equipped with a 9-bedded modern ICU along with suite, deluxe and single rooms along with a dedicated ‘Day Care’ unit.
  • It has a brachytherapy unit for treating complex cancers like gynaecological, prostrate, and breast cancers and sarcomas. It boosts treatment for gynaecological and other cancers after external beam radiation.
  • The hospital has three dedicated operation theatres (OTs) with laminar airflow HEPA Filter of Class 100 standard.
  • In addition, the hospital has Asia’s First 16 Slice ‘Siemens Biograph Horizon’ PET-CT with ‘Time of Flight’ technology, which allows the diagnosis to go beyond conventional PET scan devices.
  • Moreover, the hospital is equipped with Gujarat’s first Digital Mammography unit with ‘Tomosynthesis Technology’, which gives 3D pictures of the breast, hence increases the precision and accuracy in detection and treatment of the tumour.


Tumour Board

A tumour board is essential for making any cancer hospital’s approach towards treatment of cancer unambiguous, specific and effective. At Sterling Cancer Hospital, a tumour board consists of medical professionals from all areas of expertise in cancer.   A typical tumour board consists of surgeons, oncologists, and all other specialties which are involved in the patient’s case.

At Sterling Cancer Hospitals, it is our highest priority to ensure the highest care for our patients so that they can beat cancer.  We have a highly specialized team of physicians who comprise the tumour board. Each cancer case is reviewed by the concerned tumour board, which comprises of senior consultants from various disciplines of diagnostic and therapeutic oncology. 

The experts share and exchange views which are based on the findings of the principal consultant. In case of controversial or complicated cases, a consensus is arrived at before the patient can proceed for the designated treatment.

The tumour board at Sterling Hospitals helps the patient obtain customized anti-cancer treatment as planned by the multidisciplinary faculty. We also try and involve the patient’s family before the therapy is initiated.  Due to the in-depth opinion obtained by various oncologists and other tumour board members, the patient is the ultimate beneficiary.

DMG (Disease Management Group)

1.  What does Disease Management Group (DMG) mean?

The Disease Management Group or DMG is an internal dedicated team charged with the care of a particular Cancer.

2.   How is it beneficial for patient?

  • Creates a well-coordinated treatment care plan with the help of internal dedicated team.
  • Provides detailed information and consultation, throughout the course of treatment, and during post-operative care
  • Improves the quality of treatment and post-operative care in accordance with current operative stand.
  • Empowers the patient to participate in decisions about treatment and assures that sufficient time is  allowed for decision-making
  • Offers psychosocial support throughout the treatment processes.

3.  How the Disease Management Group (DMG) of Sterling Cancer Hospitals does is unique?

The Disease Management Group (DMG) at Sterling Cancer Hospitals stands out due to following reasons:

  • Consisting of experienced and trained consultants, Surgeons and nursing staff
  • It chooses the most appropriate therapy for the patient and establishes protocols in situations where alternative or conflicting options confound clinical pathways
  • It eliminates patient confusion due to multiple physician contacts and ensures error-free nursing, leading to better symptom control
  • The group facilitates a common platform for medical data assessment by multiple disciplines for individualized treatment.
  • Ideally, DMG results in improved health outcomes for patients and more responsible use of resources.



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